Fabrix x BUFA | Panda Party

At Fabrix it is important to us that we work hard and play harder. Organising and hosting a party is a great chance for the team to come together and brainstorm creative ideas. For us it is key that we host a ‘party with a purpose’. At the most recent party, the Panda Party (pictured below, held at Olwen House in Southwark) we raised over £1,600 for three of the most endangered animals in the world; the Javan Rhino, North Atlantic Right Whale and the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. Thanks to our kind sponsors (Aperol, Jagermeister, Bulldog Gin, Fentimans and Estrella). We also partnered with Creative Debuts to exhibit art from emerging talent, combining the need to protect endangered animals with the need to support and protect young artists.

We can’t wait until the next party !

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